Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm Home Now...In America

Those last few months after the Bus Trip went flying by. They told me it would.
I did so many things in that time though! I went to Mt. St. Michel with the Northern Rotary district for a weekend to see Aja and Kelley and Julia and the others one last time before leaving France.

It was a rainy day, but the castle is still super impressive

Exploring Mt. St. Michel

My Seattle buddy Aja
I also went to Germany for a week to visit my friend Jordan who spend her year there in the south-east. The village is called Mindelheim and it is so small, but so cute! We visited the castle and went to her high school (where I went with some of her friends to a french class, where I could actually understand things), visited the Mindelheim castle and went on a road trip with Jordan's Rotary. We went to a city called Heilbronn, and saw a castle there and a wild bird show overlooking the German countryside. To top it off, we went shopping at a market in town and found beutiful things to wear to the beutiful dinner we ate that evening (we were staying in a gorgeous hotel).  We had so many cool adventures. I can't describe.

So now it's been two whole months since I've been home! It feels like much longer than that. It's strange to think I was just walking the streets of Paris not that long ago, and now i'm in Yakima, walking the hallways of my high school.

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