Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update #2 Spring Vacation 1/2 :)

I'm back again with another summary that I have yet to type of my adventures in France. This post will cover the FIRST two weeks of my four week Spring Vacation spent here in France.

I don't quite remember the order of events, but briefly I will tell you what I did.

Around April 6, 2012 spring break began.

Lots has happened! We had been back in school for one week after my Annecy weekend and afterwards Spring break began for our region of France. Friday, the first day of break I changed host families. I lived with the Fengs for one whole week. They were so nice! They have three kids, two of which go to school in Paris, and the other goes to my school whose name is Benoit and is a good friend of mine. (in picture below ;) Their family is quite unique as everyone in the family speaks Chinese as well as French and passing English. The father, Liqun came from China and married France, (which is the mother's first name) who is, of course french. This would only be a temporary host family, as my normal new host family left on vacation for a week and I stayed in Laval. This worked out, however, because on this exact same Friday Henri Leclef came down from Belgium to visit Chloe and I here in Laval. It was Easter weekend and the older Feng children were home as well, so i got to meet everybody. We had delicious Easter meals and played lots of board games. On Easter Sunday, Henri and I went to my little church, where they had a nice Easter sermon instead of going to the Catholic mass with the family the night before. There was also a carnival in town this weekend, so the next day we spent going around there and hanging out with friends. We went laser tagging and bowling and played lots of board games.

During the second week of vacation I moved in with my new host family the Rupins. They're my last host family here in France. I have two host sisters and two host brothers and a host mom and dad. Just like my first host family! However, this time I live right in front of my school and my host sister Marie is in the same grade as me and we have been friends since the beginning of the year. Marie went to Ecuador on exchange last year and absolutely loved it. My other host sister, Anne Claire, lives in Paris for university, and Louis Hubert, my oldest host brother was in Poland for a year, and just got back last week. Mathieu is in the grade younger than me and goes to the same school. It really is perfect living right across the street! I literally wake up 40 minutes before I have to be out the door and I'm good to go. :) My host sister Marie invites me to all kinds of parties and get together with her friends, which is super nice!

I almost touched Nicolas Sarkozy, the (now ex) President of the French Republic! Benoit and his friend Olguerde invited me to come to Paris with them to see Nicolas Sarkozy give a speech for his reelection to Presidency. Marie came with and we all got to go to Paris for free on the train with a group called Youth for Sarkozy (or somewhere along those lines.)  We were giving free T-shirts and flags and were put right in front of the stage when Sarkozy was speaking. It was a really great experience. The speech took place at the Place of Concord in Paris. Our group got its picture taken and we were put on Mr. Sarkozy's official facebook page! Hahaha hooray for small fame. :)

The rest of the vacation was filled with other little good things, such as going to Rotary dinners (always delicious) and visiting family members of the Rupins. At the end of the week I packed my bags for the Europe Trip! Which deserves a whole other post... For now, however, here are some photos from spring break: part one.

Benoit! My one-week host brother! He is super nice and invites me to play basketball and go to friends houses with him.

Exploring Laval avec Henri

All of the stuff that I have accumulated since the beginning of the year. I think there were 11 bags in total.

Parading in the train station shouting "Nicolas Sarkozy. Nicolas Sarkozy!"

She's crazy ;)

Our little group of friends :)

We waited quite a while for the speech to begin

Ex President Nicolas Sarkozy

Cassidy, a Canadian here on a short term exchange. We got haircuts together right after this picture! :)

La place de la concorde

Before the speach began right in front of the stage!

Afterwards waving our french flags proudly :) This is the picture that went on the official Sarkozy facebook page. 

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