Monday, February 13, 2012

It's starting to feel a lot like christmas

Snow covered Laval
Coucou! Happy singles awareness month everyone!
I saw this the day after it snowed, which means that
someone wrote this while it was snowing the night before. :P
Il neige = It's snowing

So far this year it has snowed three times! Lot's and lots of snow! Once a long time ago, once the day after my last update (the 30th of January), and again yesterday! The snow of yesterday didn't stick at all, but there is still ice and snow from last week. (I skipped school last monday because less than half of the class was there because of the snow) The french people are a lot like the Seattleites when it comes to driving in the snow, so there was pretty much an unofficial snowday Monday and everything was shut down. I showed the new au pair girl around Laval and we went shopping for a bit. Her name is Ngaire (prounouced Nirey) and she's from Wales. Which if you don't know is a part of the UK, right next to England. She is really nice, and I find myself in the role of teacher when it comes to learning French and taking care of the kids. I'm telling her all of these things that I wish people would have told me in the beginning. I hope that she picks it up quickly, and I hope I didn't sound that bad in the beginning. XD Jusssst kidding. :)  Anyway, we went to the swimming pool here in Laval for the first time! It was really nice, but mostly for little kids and so we were stuck pretending to be fish and drowning in the shallow water. I did teach Paul Victor to swim a little bit. :)
So not much else is going on. Other than now we have two weeks of vacation and I'm searching for things to do. So far my goal for tomorrow is to go to the supermarket and find cream cheese. For some reason it's incredibly difficult to find in France. Being the cheese capitol of the world you'd think they'd have everything. But actually I did some research, and it's the Philadelphia cheese that has come to France to help in this lack of cream cheese area. I'm going to make fruit pizza, cheese cake, pot pie and maybe some chocolate mousse, and whatever other recipes that I find lying around. My goal is to learn to cook while I have the resources and the time. :)
I just wanted to let you all know that time is going way too fast. I've already been with this family for a month. I really do like them. I can joke around and just smile and sing outrageous made up songs and be myself all the time. This is what I get from this young family. Being around little kids helps you to look at life more simply and enjoy it, and it's great. :)

Lots of love,