Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have found the perfect church! It is located just two minutes down the road from my house. :D I went for the first time to a Protestant church since being here, and it is good to hear my beleifs and feel the same kind of love from different people.
During the service we sang songs and prayed and listened to the pastor and had communion. The service was on Jesus' teachings in Mathew, and on how he called us (christians) to be different from others in the world, and to accept that and be humble. To allow Jesus to be in every part of our life every day of the week and not just Sunday. I also sang in english to some of the songs since they had the same songs in French! 

Immediately afterwards the lady sitting next to me started talking to me right away, and the pastor came over soon after that. Then I was introduced to the other young people. There was an English girl and a Chinese girl there.  I was invited to a gallette des rois lunch right afterwards, but had to get home for lunch with my host family who were worrying about me being late.(My host mom came searching for me 20 minutes after the service was supposed to end, because she was scared that the church was some type of a cult.) I was invited for lunch at the pastor’s house the next Sunday with all of the young people. Everyone is so nice! Aha! To those people who told me I wouldn’t be able to make friends at church in France. I felt the same atmosphere in the church that I would feel in my own church at home. It was so…welcoming. 

Later I went to Le Refuge de l’Arche again, which is the zoo, with Florence and Paul Victor.
They still have cute baby monkeys. It was a very great Sunday. 

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