Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time is flying by

Haven't written in awhile again...oops. But I have so much to say now! Last weekend, the 3rd of December is where I'll begin. The Rotary club of Laval has decided to organize weekends for Naz, Manon and I. Each Rotarian is supposed to take us somewhere for a weekend or a day. So our first trio was with Madame Feng whose son, Benoit, was in Taiwan last year. We stayed the night at her house, where each of us got our own room. Then the next day, saturday, we went and visited three castles in one day. She took us to a French restaurant and also later in the day to a tea cafe place where they not only have tea and coffee but a whole room full of delicious looking pastries and desserts beyond belief.  We all went home after doing a little bit of shopping and ate and then went to sleep. Oh, and on the first night that we were there (friday night) there was also a dinner with some Rotarians, and we ate some escargots. =D The next day we were handed off to another Rotarian who took us to a really old-but-cool sale thing. Kind of like goodwill/a yardsale. It was called a vente. I found a cute cute backpack, one that I've always been looking for, and the lady who brought us there bought it for me! (I was going to pay her back [3 euro] but she told me it was a gift) She also took us to a cafe next to the cinema which was really nice, and we all drank hot cocoa and ate chocolates. Then afterwards we went on a huge boat (with an enclosure)  to see the illuminations of laval up close. So beautiful!

I got sick after that weekend. My voice was completely gone, which steadily grew worse. My throat started getting sore which became painful, which then got worse when I began coughing. I was feeling pretty bad so I didn't go to school on Monday, but instead went to the doctor, which I told my host mom I didn't need to, that I knew that I just needed rest and stuff, but I think a doctors note was needed from the school or something. The doctor just gave me some pills and also said I didn't have to go to school the Tuesday as well. Which I was completely okay with. I also learned that I've gained 1 kilo since being here, which is roughly around 2 pounds or more. So I hope I can keep this slow growth rate and not gain the average 11 kilos.

Only this week and then Christmas break. WOOO!
I have more good news. It's also sad/bad, but also favorable. My second host family is having some problems as so they cannot host me as it is right now. So there is another family in Laval who said they would be happy to host me. The mom called friday night to tell me all of this. She said that they live in the middle of town and so I'll be able to walk to school, they have two kids with the ages of three and two, and there is also a Canadian living there who is like a nanny. I'm pretty happy about this because it means that I'll livei n the city for the rest of the year.

In the big Castle
The lights of Laval

Now for this weekend that just passed. The weekend of the 10th and 11th.
Les Machines
This was the weekend of Nantes. Rotary districts 1650 (mine) and 1510 all bussed (or trained) to the big city of Nantes where we had a super fun weekend. Friday, the 9th Naz and I went to Manon's host familys house to stay the night because her host dad was to drive us to Rennes where we would meet up with our district to bus to Nantes. We visited some huge machines, (you can google it: "Les Machines") ate a delicious snack at a gorgeous hotel, (there were crepes, cakes, nutella, orange juice, hot chocolate, clementines and coffee :), ) went to the christmas market and then returned to the religious center where they were accomodating the 65 of us plus the adults. We then had a gift exchange, and learned a song that we will sing at a huge conference in April. It will be near the Alps with ALL of the Rotary exchange students in France.  There was lots of drama and misbehaving that night as well. Some people might get sent home already, but I don't know details.
The next morning we went to an ice rink and ice-skated! It was super fun, it reminded me of our Yakima ice

rink. :) There were so many awesome people there this weekend! We have a really cool district. I love everybody. Also now, I'm considering going to Taiwan.  I will learn Spanish in Yakima, maybe return to Spain to perfect it, my french will be taken care of this year, and then I just need chinese and I could talk to more than half the world or something like that. ;)
The best part was on the bus ride home, (bus rides are always the best) I was talking with our chairman and his wife, and they asked me to do a short speech in front of 500 people in February! Sounds like fun!
I'm going to try to put together a video this break of the Nantes trip. For now here are some pictures! :

Christmas Market in Nantes

I love them all! We had such a blast

Love, Faith

And here is just a picture of my new class :)

There is also a little video of me and some other exchage students dancing in front of the giant machine elephant that walks. It's for a big project that someone is making. :) Here's my youtube link. You can find all of my videos there.