Sunday, September 11, 2011

School and other things

Naz :)
Hey again!

Sorry that it's taken about another week for me to update. I didn't want to write anything with the way things were.  Monday I started school and it was seriously tough. Not the classes or the teachers because they were all super nice, but the inability to understand and speak my mind drove me to tears.  Each day that week I came home completely exhausted and collapsed on my bed and let myself cry after holding it in all day long.  Friday, however, was so much better.  I started the day with the poor outlook of another miserable eight hour wait, but after the first period I started to feel better, and soon I was back to my old self again and was able to talk more and have a good time. I've been invited to go shopping Monday after school, and on Wednesday again to someones house and then shopping or something. I love it! I just wish my host family gave me a bit more freedom, because I don't have much.

The street of my school
and my third host family:)

Last night I had the best time with the other exchange students and their host siblings and friends at one of their houses. Then I had a sleep over at Naz's house (she's from turkey) afterwards.  Oh and before that we went to a Turkish restaurant where Naz talked to the people there! It was really cool, and Kebobs are really good. :)

Today I went to the local gymnasium and watched girls my age play basketball! My host mom and I talked to the coach who said I could play with them! I met one of the girls on the team too, she was so nice! And they won their game also, they're really good. :) I'm so glad to be doing something extracurricular!
There are some details that need to be worked out for me to do this.  But I will get what I want with this.  Phewf, it's so hard to get what I want(need ;)) over here. Everything is difficult. But I think things are getting better.  :)

So I love France. I can't stop saying how beautiful it is.

Love, Faith

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  1. Faith... don't worry, you're definitely not the only one who has held in the tears all day because of not understanding. Just trust me... it is going to get sooooooo much better. And it should happen pretty fast. Don't worry, one day you'll wake up and your whole attitude will change... it will go from, "this is just never going to happen for me," to "wow... maybe I can do this." just wait for it. It the meantime... just pray in the 8 hours you have sitting in the classroom doing nothing lol that's what I do... or study my spanish. ;-) I have a friend in my class who is a Christian... so I read her stories out of the Spanish bible and she helps me understand them. Maybe you could do the same.? I don't know. You're gonna be great. Don't worry, you're already ahead of my host sister when she went to france. She didn't know a word and nobody there spoke Spanish... and now she is fluent. ;-) Love you faith. Praying for you. ;-)