Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life in France so Far

I tried making a video, i was going to try and edit it more to take out the useless stuff, but it was taking too long so i'm okay with this. :) This is the beginning of the trip, the airplanes and such. :)

Well I arrived here in France last week, it has already been a week!!!  For the first couple of days i didn't have internet so I wasn't able to create any posts for my blog, and for the other times I was just lazy.  But I have been journaling so I will go back and look at what I wrote for those days for you.  Maybe more videos will be coming also, if i can figure out how to make them cool. ;)

-Okay let's start at my arrival.  I did not have jet lag at all. I traveled with about 20 people all the way here and all the way to my city so I never felt lost or scared at all.  It was nice, but for me, secretly I might have liked it to be a bit more adventurous. ;)  So from Paris the lot of us of District 1650 hopped on a charter bus and went to our cities.  My stop was first so I was able to say goodbye to everybody. I will see them all again on Sunday. We're going swimming in Rennes. :) WOO! My favorite.  Anyways, my family picked me up from where the bus stopped and we drove home and my host sister showed me around the house.  Then we had a little appetizer dinner outside where they had gathered some different foods which they thought I wouldn't know, I was familiar with all, they just had different brand names. :)  Then for dinner we had something to do with cheese, vegtables and bread. Domitille my host sister made everything including the chocolate mousse dessert which was called Charlotte. :) After dinner we played a board game called "Knack-Knick" which was almost exactly like the game "Sorry" that we played all the time at my grandparents house. Alors, overall the first day was great. :)                p.s.  I didn't know I could speak french, but apparently I can a little bit. :)

A head in the ground

Some birdies

An overlook of my city Laval

-The next day, August 25, 2011, my host mom and sister took me to Jardin Public de la Perrine, which was a beautiful park that had animals and carousels and lot's of trees. and there was even a random fake head in the ground. .. ;)

- The next day I went to check out my school with my host mom. It totally looks everything like it would in the movies. And it's supposedly strict. :0  I start school on monday so we will see how it goes.

- The other days that have passed we haven't done much, mostly go shopping or tour around Laval.

-Today which is the first of September, I went with my host sister to a friends house who will be going to my school and they kind of live near so we walked there. They were two sisters and they were really nice. :) Maybe i will ride the bus with them to school.  We ate some crepes with Nutella inside of them, it was sooo good. :) And for dinner tonight we also had something delicious, it was called a Tart, but it was more like a pizza. :) Haha it had green, red and yellow peppers and lots of cheese. And for dessert we ate something called Fromage blanc, which translated is white cheese, and it had the consistency of yogurt, but we put jam in it and mixed it up and it was also really good. :)  I also played basketball with my host brother after dinner, who taught me a really cool spinning trick for shooting better. I hope that I can join a team here!

Well once again, it is late. And perhaps I will write again soon. :)  Hope you enjoy the little bit that I can give you at the moment. :)

Love, Faith

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