Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Rotary District Conference

This is the group of Inbounds in front of the Pool(s)
Dis donc! I'm here again letting you know about how things are going here in France.  I hope wherever you are, you are doing great and I'm glad that your reading my blog. :)

Today I woke up early and ate a croissant with nutella for breakfast. mmmm.  Then my host mom and I left for Rennes, where we met up with all of the Rotary Youth Exchange Peoples of District 1650.  We gathered and talked and then us "Inbounds" left for the swimming pool.  I wish I had a better picture of it, because it was quite different. The boys weren't allowed to swim because they had swim shorts which were considered "unclean" to swim in the pool with.   And another cool thing was, right outside the swimming pool there was a type of miniature zoo, or something.  But there was a pond with ducks, and then a little forest beyond that with a different type of deer.  They were quite beautiful. :) 

Kind of distant

Alors, when we returned we listened to some rules, introduced ourselves and then ate lunch, which was canard (duck) avec steak frites (french fries.)  Which by the way was my first time eating french fries in France. ;)  After eating we went outside and took some group photo's and said our good bye's.
I love my district.

Upon returning home, it was time for my oldest host sister Domitille to leave to Nantes for University. So I hopped in the car with her so that I could speak as much English as possible before my language would be restricted to French forever. ;)  It was sad, I really like Domitille.  She will be back to visit in a couple weeks though.  Tomorrow Aster leaves for boarding school too, and so it will only be my brother Constantin who will still live at home. 

Tomorrow school starts!  I found out today that all of the other exchange students that are in my city will be in one school and that I am the only one who will have to fend for myself in a totally different school. Theirs is supposed to be really easy and mine is supposed to be really strict and tough. Oh joy. ;)  But I am excited to go and try something new, and I think that it is for the better that I'm by myself. That way I can make all new friends and speak more french.  And I have God with me, so everything cool. ;)
I met my third host family at the rotary event today as well. They seem really really nice and cool, and they live right across from my school, so I can go there when school get's out when I want to. :)  Everything is turning out great! I'm so glad. 

Oh and I was given the key to the house today! With a cute tiger key chain.  And I was put through a tutorial of how to open and lock the front door since it's a little bit broken.

It has already been 10 days here and I already feel like I belong.

Well, until next time! :)

Love, Faith

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  1. So glad everything is going well Faith! We are praying for you back in Yakima. :)