Saturday, September 17, 2011


How are you? Well, Here I'm doing great. Another week of school down and I am now fully submerged into my class.  I belong to two different groups of girls and even with the guys (since they are all one group). 
Also new news! There is another exchange student in my class. He's from Ireland and his name is Emmett. He doesn't talk much, and when he speaks french it's a little bit funny, and also when he speaks English. ;) But nahh, I'm just glad that I'm not the only exchange student in this gigantic school!

In other news, I have decided that I am going to be really good with french in a months more time because I'm a bit tired of not understanding things.  :) I think I can do it.! :)

So that was pretty much my whole week, going to school and then coming home and some of the days playing basketball outside with Constantin.  But friday my friend Naz invited me to a concert! I was so glad. The concert was really cool! The first group was a really strange group of four old men who resemble Einstein or Beethoven with their hair the way it was, but whose music was nice to listen too, just a bit funny to watch. ;)  The next group was a band called Archim√®de who i really liked! They sound exactly like an American band whose name I've forgotten, but in french. It was cool. :)  After the concert Naz spent the night at my house and then today we went a visited a castle! This weekend castles all over France are apparently open to be toured by the commonly type. The castle we visited was called Castle of Plessis-Bourre. It was so beautiful! I want to live in a Castle! We actually talked to the lady who lived in the castle.

 After we visited the castle and drove to look at another we went home and ate dinner, and then went to a basketball game where Constantin plays.  The game was really rough and it was a tie at the end so they played another 10 minutes and they still ended up with a tie. Then they played another 10 minutes and finally our team Laval won. :) I love basketball. It is almost the same as in the US.

 It was an awesome day today. :) I love weekends. And well, I better get some sleep. I don't know what i'm doing tomorrow.

Love, Faith

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