Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bonjour encore!

Yet again another beautiful day in France. I went running today with my host sisters riding on their bikes next to me.  We had to cross this crazy french highway and had to wait forever to be able to.  It kind of is true about the crazy driving here.  I see a lot of motorcycles, the crotch rocket kind, and I really want one more than ever!  There are barely any police (that I see) and they race so fast.

So later we went to a community center type of event where there were a bunch of people with booths, and a bunch of parents running around signing up their kids for activities.  I found a brochure about basketball in my town and hopefully I will be able to play. Then after that we drove to a nearby town where I met my "host grandparents." They were really nice and very short, ha ha. :)  They have a gorgeous house and a really big lawn with a ton of trees. There is a garden house and also they have three or so different types of apple trees.  We talked for awhile, and then grandpa brought out game for us to play. It was bocce-ball! My grandparents at home have this game and so I knew already how to play.  It was so cool! Here at the grandparents house they even had their own private court to play on.
 The teams were the young against the older.  We lost. ;(  Hahaha.  So afterwards we ate some crepes for a snack and then left for home.  The break has been really nice, but I am ready for things to start happening.  Tomorrow there is going to be the Rotary event which should be fun! And then school the day after! Woo! Pray for me!

Love, Faith

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