Friday, September 2, 2011

Aster and I
Allo again!

Woo!  I'm day number two with updating. :) I think I'll try for everyday so I only have to write a little bit. ;)  Well today was a very calm day. Straight away when I woke up I had to hurry to get dressed as we went to the grocery store which we walked to. We bought some ingredients to make some chocolate chip cookies and puppy chow.  So later I made the puppy chow. They liked it a lot I think. :)  I thought of some things that I should have brought with me:  Marshmellows and graham crackers and more peanut butter. Maybe one of you reading this can send me them? You know who you are.  Oh and maybe Chex Mix too? I used corn flakes since they don't have anything like chex mix.  And it still turned out yummy. :)  Well another great day in France.  And only two more days till School starts! Wooo, wish me luck!

Love, Faith

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