Monday, August 15, 2011

It's almost time

Bonjour à tous! Hello everyone! 

Today is my last Monday of work. I can't believe everything is about to change in just one week!  This summer has been quite simple and so weirdly nonchalant. It's hard to explain. It's weird to think that my usual race down 16th street with my careful planning to hit every green light will no longer be a familiar route to work each day. In 8 days I will hop on that plane and will be taken away. Around that time I'm expecting to be hit with some unseen force of realization, but don't worry, by that time I will have a video camera and I will try recording so I don't have to put it into words.

I look at things now and mentally take a picture so as not to forget it or something, I don't know. Those of you reading this who are, or have been exchange students, do you remember looking at something and thinking "I don't know when I will see this again so I better remember it now," or something like "I've never really noticed that, so I'm going to stare at it for an extra second longer so i will remember and appreciate it." Talk about enjoying life as God has provided. I love it! I wish that everybody can have something change in their lives so as to maybe change their mindset.

Well, for now, I have nothing more to say but I will soon for sure.  One word of advice: Don't forget to live life, and if you need help, God is waiting to tell you where he wants you. :)