Thursday, June 23, 2011

Information Achieved!

Hello again!

It's been about three months since my first post and now I'm finally able to update this thing.  Hopefully I won't always take so long. :) Now, to make my title even longer, I can now be labeled Rotary Outbound Exchange Student to district 1650 in Bonchamp-lès-Laval, France for the 2011-2012 school year.  So, I will be living in Bonchamp-lès-Laval, north west France, which is a smaller town with about 6,000 people, and I'll be going to school in Laval which has a population of about 51,000 and the people are called Lavallois.(from wikipedia, so I don't know if it's sketchy or not.) ;)  Anyways, I will be attending a private catholic school called  Institut de l'immaculée Conception.  It looks like a castle! And also, from the website, I don't think i get to wear a uniform. haha :)  Also from the website they have lots of pictures of the kids playing I'm hoping that it's a big thing.

The day after I received all this information from Carter (my guarantee form, which was barely literate) which by the way i received a couple weeks ago.. Anyways, the day after I learned all this, my first host family emailed me.  I was so happy/excited that I had to stand up, open the window and take a couple deep breaths.  I think I might have cried some too. ;) Their name is Boitere.  My mom's name is Odile and my dad's name is Alain and they are both teachers of different sciences. (I love science) I will have four brothers and sisters but only one will be living at home. His name is Constantin, 18, and he is a basketball player! (I love basketball, and I'm excited because they tell me basketball isn't that big in France) The two oldest are Domitille, 21, and Gregoire, 23.  Gregoire will be in New Zeland hiking and improving his English and Domitille will be in London.  The youngest is Aster, 16, from Ethiopia, will be in a boarding school so i won't see her much, only on weekends and holidays. (which btw there are so many more holidays(vacation times) than here.) They say they will take me to visit Britanny which they say is a lovely region between the country side and seaside with amazing cliffs! :)  Also less than two hours driving away is one of the seven Wonders of the World: Le Mont St Michel which we will also visit. You can imagine now why I needed to take a breather! This was so much information for me after having nothing before. I'm so happy I can tell people where I'm going!  Furthermore Laval is where Chloe lives!  Chloe was an inbound exchange student to Canada in the same district as me, 5060, who I met through various Rotary functions.

So, my summer has begun, and great things are happening.  I have accepted a type of promotion from a company that I have been cleaning the facilities for once a week, to receptionist four days a week, eight hours a day. It's so good to earn my own money... My mom has been pestering me for the past 6 months. ;) Another thing is, I was offered a job with GE Aviation to be a summer assistant or something as well.  The only reason I'm writing this is so that when I come back from France, and read this, I will remember to apply again, because I had to turn down their offer. :)  Also, I will also be taking some summer home school courses to catch up on some credits that I'll be missing for my Junior year. Oh! That reminds me, another question that I am often asked is what I'm going to do about school when I get back.  And good news guys, I don't have to repeat my Junior year!  I got in touch with a credited home school program that offers summer classes that I can take.  Pretty much it's just packets of work that I can do at anytime, and I don't have to go to class at all and the credits will transfer to whatever high school I want to come back and graduate from. I'm pretty happy about that. So i have exactly two months from today until I leave! I am so excited!, and not quite ready.  So now instead of writing more, I will get back to studying my French.
Until next time!